Innovation Myth:  “We Can't Innovate Without Great Ideas"
Kevin Fallon
The key constraint in innovation is the time and energy of people required to drive discovery, invention and transformation into business value. So it’s not your ideas – what’s important is the act of innovating, the process itself.  That you need great ideas is an innovation myth.
Top 10 Keys to Innovation Success the Best Companies Use
Kevin Fallon
There are ten keys or "levers" to innovation that the best companies use to systematically drive successful innovation performance. By “lever” we mean aspects or dimensions of the business executive teams focus on and either manage differently or with excellence. Strategically and systematically implementing these 10 levers will have a huge impact on the innovation output at your organization.
Top Innovators Manage Innovation as a Discipline
Kevin Fallon
After three years of extensive research and interviews on innovation success factors, we have found that one of the key contributors to innovation performance is that top innovators manage innovation as a discipline, just like sales or operations.
Why the Top 25% of Product Innovators Outperform the Bottom 25% by 12 Times

Why the Top 25% of Product Innovators Outperform the Bottom 25% by 12 Times

Why CEOs Should Focus on Innovation as a Discipline

Kevin Fallon
According to the Product Development and Management Association[1] (PDMA), between the 1990s and 2010, the top 25% of product innovators outperformed the bottom 25% by 12 times.  This trend continues today with revenue from new products down 15%.  Pivotal Innovation's CEO Kevin Fallon examines why this is happening and how to reduce this gap.
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