Our Copiloting Team

Through years of research and practice, we’ve become experts in value growth and the processes of strategy, execution, and innovation. A copiloting team can partner with you to enhance your organization’s ability to plan, measure, and achieve strategic goals.

Our "Drivers"Our "Drivers"

Accelerate design and execution, and set the stage for incredible performance.

At Pivotal Innovation we stage and configure our platform to help you improve performance.

We assist with the key activities to ensure the proper rhythmic feedback is implemented to accelerate high value initiatives.

Our "Crew"Our "Crew"

Expertise and thought leadership on value growth as a discipline.

We work with your executive team on applying the best processes to setup and manage performance.

We support you in leveraging our methods and tools to increase your workforce engagement.

Our "Engineers"Our "Engineers"

Support with design and delivery of value growth methods, tools, and training.

We analyze and synthesize top practices to enable you to leverage them for peak performance.

We conduct periodic reviews of your performance to identify opportunities to optimize your strategic performance.

We hired Pivotal Innovation to help our new management team align on strategic growth. Their software is designed for CEOs who want to grow and track accountability.

— John Troia, President and CEO, Troia Foods

Proven Effective Strategy Services

Our approach is integrated and complete, with the objective being to empower and enhance your own strategic planning and execution. On-boarding a large consulting firm is costly, cumbersome, and often doesn’t garner transformational results.  A single facilitated session is inspiring, yet falls short on systemic execution and accountability.  Our copiloting team works with you, side by side, to achieve incredible business impact.

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