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Value Growth Solution

Your Solution to Growth

Pivotal Innovation has invested years of research into how and why top performers beat the competition.

This journey has led to the design of the Value Growth System (VGS) that operates the growth processes of strategy, execution, and innovation as a system to drive accelerated growth.

Most organizations fail to effectively manage these key processes or operate their value growth as a connected and cohesive system, resulting in stagnant growth…

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Many have tried to remedy this problem using consulting with mixed results, fragmented software solutions that fail to meet all the needs, and inefficient manual processes utilizing spreadsheets and presentations.

We have automated the VGS processes and building blocks to create a comprehensive, seamless, and integrated system that is proven to speed up value growth.

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Imagine a seamless and integrated VGS engine powering the growth of your organization.

How does Pivotal Innovation accomplish this solution? 

A Complete and Integrated Value Growth Solution

Unlock VGS synergy with a potent and unique combination of advanced software and our experienced team of strategists and innovators.

Pivotal Innovator™ Platform

SaaS based comprehensive technology platform that automates and democratizes value growth management.
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Copilot Team

A group of experienced team members and partners who work to enhance your own ability to design and accelerate strategic performance.
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Our solution empowers you to grow a better company faster through three primary levers:


Design the most effective strategic plan:

  • Ignite engagement within your organization through a clear and actionable plan
  • Ensure success with a framework tying strategic objectives to measurable results
  • Automate policy deployment across your entire organization

Exceptional strategy drives financial performance


Deliver significant strategic and financial results:

  • Create strategic alignment  throughout your execution efforts
  • Focus on priorities and drive coherent action to overcome your constraints
  • Improve performance through actional feedback loops, or rhythms

To win, close the gap between strategy and execution


Accelerate innovation performance:

  • Transform great ideas into valuable solutions or products
  • Focus efforts through deep collaboration in teams and across functions
  • Become an innovation heavyweight through implementation of practices and methods

If you stop innovating, the first thing you run out of is the future

Kick your value growth into a higher gear with a 15-minute discovery call

Pivotal Innovator helps us increase our growth rate. We flexibly prioritize growth initiatives and execute them faster. More importantly, we are learning the power of methods to speed up transformation.

— Harry Felber, President and CEO, MediLogix