Pivotal InnovatorTM Platform

Our Pivotal Innovator, a Strategy & Innovation Management software platform, acts as a catalyst to drive employee engagement, align innovation with strategy and increase the value, quality, and speed of performance.

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Innovator Dashboard

Design based on systems science.

On demand software as a service offering.

Enterprise grade platform, built in the cloud.





Design and Manage Better Strategy

Strategy Design and Planning
Create a strategy and all of the elements of the Strategy Framework with designers that promote clear visual representation of the plan elements.

Strategic Alignment
Build and maintain strategic alignment throughout your organization with hierarchical relationships that align transformational and innovation efforts.

Strategic Goal Management
View, update, and manage all of your strategic goals quickly and easily to ensure a living plan that can pivot strategy when needed while embodying Hoshin.


Accomplish More Strategic Goals

Initiative and Task Management
Plan and manage the actual work done to execute your strategy, including the Initiatives and underlying Tasks, while coordinating teams and individuals.

Lean and Agile Capabilities
Leverage Lean and Agile to achieve flow and speed of execution with Kanban boards and other functionality that transform how your teams operate.

Rhythms and Feedback Control
Manage cycles of transformation and innovation with Rhythms that create regular feedback and planning loops throughout the organization.


Accelerate Your Results

Innovation Methods 
Empower individuals with methods that include the phase-gate process, ideation, and a growing catalog of tools that accelerate transformation and innovation..

Resource Management
Manage and optimize the use of your vital resources, including people, cost, and assets, to increase enterprise value. Enable team collaboration to accelerate performance.

Integration and Automation
Integrate with existing systems, such as project management, and measurement data sources, to create one holistic view, while automating transformation and innovation workflows.


Make Insightful Decisions

Rich Dashboards
Use a range of intuitive, visual dashboards for executives, teams, and individuals that promote innovative views such as hierarchies, matrices, and timelines.

Strategic Measures
Define, manage, and visualize Measures, which are values that are targeted as part of the strategy to demonstrate how well your strategy is being achieved.

Performance Management
Monitor and manage the performance of your goal progress and health along with the processes that drive them, using robust charting and reporting capabilities.

BenefitsEngineered Innovation

Run business transformation as a systematic discipline akin to running sales, operations or finance.

Companies that do, outperform their peers and the S&P 500 by 40% - 100%+. Plan for results and deliver results, systematically.

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