The Best Leaders Avoid these 7 Innovation Myths

The Best Leaders Avoid these 7 Innovation Myths

With all the talk of innovation, it's easy to fall into traps that will leave your company dazed and confused.

Kevin Fallon

Many consider innovation to be the holy grail of entrepreneurial success. Investors and entrepreneurs alike dedicate resources and dollars only to come up short and frustrated. Consistently capitalizing on ingenuity and disruption can be almost impossibly challenging. Kevin Daum for Inc. Magazine, interviews Kevin Fallon, CEO of Pivotal Innovation, who believes that many executives are simply approaching innovation the wrong way. 

Top 10 Keys to Innovation Success the Best Companies Use
Kevin Fallon
There are ten keys or "levers" to innovation that the best companies use to systematically drive successful innovation performance. By “lever” we mean aspects or dimensions of the business executive teams focus on and either manage differently or with excellence. Strategically and systematically implementing these 10 levers will have a huge impact on the innovation output at your organization.
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