Rethink Communication
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The “Great Resignation” has companies taking an introspective look at what is causing employees to quit and find other opportunities. Is it a result of the COVID disruption in the workforce, a shifting outlook on the workplace environment, or from disconnected management? Research is showing that it is most likely the latter. Read more to find out why a lack of communication and transparency might be pushing away employees.

Rethink the Strategy-Execution Gap
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The Strategy-Execution gap is one touted by experts in business, but does it even exist? Instead of an actual gap between the two, the problem in many companies lies in bad strategy, bad execution, and an overall inability to align the key disciplines of Strategy, Execution, and Innovation. Management often deprives its business of its growth potential by not executing on these key areas. 

Rethink Strategic Planning
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The core of strategy development is when the enterprise leaders come together to devise their growth plans for the next horizon. But all strategy development is far from equal. Certain companies grow at twice the rate of their peers as a result of managing their strategy discipline differently. Are you one of them or do you have room to improve performance? The payoff from strategy excellence is huge and compounds exponentially. 

Three Reasons Transformational Leadership Outperforms Operational Leadership on Business Growth by Over 2X
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Recent studies from industry leaders and the Product Development Management Association have shown that Transformational Leaders (TLs) outperform their Operational Leader (OL) peers, many by more than 100% measured over a five-year period. That drastic contrast results in over twice the growth rate for companies with a transformation focus.
How to Deploy Great Strategy that Compounds Your Growth
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Many companies treat their strategic planning more like tactical objective setting exercises, missing an enormous opportunity to change the trajectory of their organizations. However, certain companies have cracked the code on managing strategy and transformation as a systematic discipline for compound enterprise growth. Usually referred to in their circles as “strategy deployment,” these companies outperform their peers and the S&P 500 on a compound basis. This article outlines several improvements you can employ to increase results from your strategy and transformation work. 

If You Think Ideas Are Important to Innovation, Think Again
Kevin Fallon

Contrary to popular belief, ideas are not very important to innovation. Our CEO, Kevin Fallon, recently gave a presentation titled, “If You Think Ideas Are Important to Innovation, Think Again,” where he comes to the conclusion that ideas contribute less than 1% to running innovation successfully in an organization.

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Grow Value Faster for Lower Cost

Have you considered automating your growth disciplines of strategy, execution, and innovation? Companies that do cause a growth rate change to their business. And the increased value compounds year after year!

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