If You Think Ideas Are Important to Innovation, Think Again

If You Think Ideas Are Important to Innovation, Think Again

Kevin Fallon / Monday, October 2, 2017 / Strategy Management
“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
-Thomas Edison

Contrary to popular belief, ideas are not very important to innovation. 

Our CEO, Kevin Fallon, recently gave a presentation titled, “If You Think Ideas Are Important to Innovation, Think Again,” where he comes to the conclusion that ideas contribute less than 1% to running innovation successfully in an organization.
Kevin has spent the past five years studying and researching innovation, listening to hundreds of presentations from Chief Innovation Officers of Fortune 500 companies and polling thousands of CEO’s to understand their key priorities and concerns regarding innovation.

In this presentation, Kevin covers the following:

  • A distillation of the best insights on innovation throughout history
  • The Four Practices of Systematic Innovation that top innovators employ
  • An outline of Pivotal Innovation's robust Ideation Framework, the D6 Model
  • The 10 Levers that top innovators fuse into an Innovation Operating System

Click this link to receive a video of Kevin’s presentation and a PDF of the slide deck.

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