Case Study: A New Customer Focused Business Model Drives Rapid Transformation

Case Study: A New Customer Focused Business Model Drives Rapid Transformation

Kevin Fallon / Tuesday, April 25, 2017 / Strategy Management


Pivotal Innovation was selected to help execute a rapid business transformation across four countries for a waste services business with the initial focus on profitability improvement, then transitioning to growth.

Pivotal Innovation was engaged from the onset to help define the transformation strategy and accelerate the execution by leveraging its Pivotal Innovator™ SaaS innovation platform.


This waste services company was challenged by its rapid geographic growth in the public sector and its managerially complex B2B sector waste services. The B2B business was more difficult to operate because of the dynamics of individual customer service and route management versus large municipal contracts. A nimble, responsive business model was required to service B2B customer needs. 

A new management team was charged with operating the B2B sector business as a separate but fully owned division. The goal was to first increase profitability and then focus on growth. An innovative strategic plan was required to coordinate a company-wide transformation of the B2B sector business across its geographic regions.


The Pivotal Innovation team led the ideation and management of transformation activities across all the geographies and across the different operational functions. Pivotal Innovation’s software platform and services seamlessly drove the execution of the transformation efforts.  

Over a six-month period, the team leveraged Pivotal Innovator™ to help the company:

  • Coordinate transformational initiatives across the four countries while aligning initiatives to financial measures and key performance indicators
  • Align the executive team, function leaders and the managerial staff of each region by centralizing all core financial metrics in the Pivotal Innovator™ SaaS platform
  • Leverage Pivotal Innovator™ to commit to key actions each week, keeping the strategic plan and initiatives on a tight feedback cadence

The Pivotal Innovator platform was a key factor in driving successful collaboration and communication across the teams. This collaboration allowed for dynamic modifications to the plan that enabled each region and function to focus on strategically aligned transformations. Additionally, the Pivotal Innovation team ensured that the leadership team focused on the key objectives while the operating teams worked through day to day prioritization. This approach led to accelerated performance towards the overall goal of $4.8 million in operating improvements in under a six-month time period. 

  • Reduction of operating costs by over 10%, while improving on -time service delivery and quality metrics
  • Completion of over 80 process improvement initiatives, leading to a reduction in G&A expenses by over 20%
  • Identification of 5 new customer segmentation based growth opportunities around pricing innovation, payment methods and streamlining of business service lines
  • Significant increases in collaboration, communication and engagement across the entire workforce resulting in improved morale and alignment to the purpose and vision of the organization.

“The Pivotal InnovatorTM platform is an excellent tool for managing the innovation process. Without it, our improvements in operations would not have occurred.”

- CEO, Waste Management Services Company
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