Pivotal InnovatorTM Platform

Our Pivotal Innovator software platform acts a catalyst to drive employee engagement, align innovation with strategy and increase the value, quality, and speed of innovation performance.

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Innovator Dashboard

Design based on systems science.

On demand software as a service offering.

Enterprise grade platform, built in the cloud.






Executive Insight
Deliver the power for your team to build, align and operate customer centered innovation strategy.

Innovation Strategy Alignment
Enable your team to link and correlate the value from innovation initiatives with innovation strategy.

Streamlined Management
Empower your team to manage innovation as a routine discipline within the sphere of strategy planning and financial management cycles.



Employee Engagement
Engage all team members in strategically aligned, grassroots innovation through a powerful framework that can accommodate many ideation methodologies.

Driving Innovation
Accomplish initiatives faster to promote progress towards the attainment of innovation objectives. Top innovators have mastered this discipline.

Performance Feedback
Deliver dynamic management of innovation activities. Manage progress and performance through a systematic rhythm of feedback allowing you to ensure innovation value is being delivered.



Enable users inside our outside your company to collaborate on ideation, drive contests, collaborate with customers to drive new product development, business model transformation, and process optimization.

Process Innovation
Provide innovation technique and method education on an ever growing set of the best practices in innovation strategy planning, ideation, execution and performance.

Innovation Learning
Build innovation capability within your company and increase the scope and skills of your workforce to innovate.

Science + Methods + Tools

Engineered Innovation

Our engineers designed the logic behind our platform for top performance. From prior work, we determined that any process or function may be transformed for phenomenal results. When modeled as a value stream, innovation is transformed through the dynamics of flow. We call this Innovation Dynamics™. Our innovation algorithms ensure that you deliver higher value innovations.

Our platform manages a multitude of methods that accelerate innovation. As we identify new powerful techniques to create combine and sort ideas, these are built into processes that are mapped, modeled and delivered to you.

The best applications evolve and become more flexible and easier to use over time. Our platform provides simplified, easy to use workflows with the power to customize and add steps as needed.

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