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What is Innovation?

Innovation is discovery, invention or transformation that results in value.

For Products Innovation May Be:

Transforming existing products for existing customers
Expanding into "new to the company" business
Inventing new products for new markets

Leveraging Innovation

Innovation is about more than just new products. Have you thought about innovating strategy? How about people, customer connectivity, technologies, processes, organizations, business models? What if you could have it all?

Leverage innovation as a strategic weapon for increased growth & profitability with our Pivotal Innovation unique approach.

Accelerate Your Innovation

Innovation as a Service offers a better solution than on-boarding a large consulting firm that will not provide transformational results, or a single shot facilitated session that can inspire but often falls short on implementation. We empower you to accelerate innovation performance for incredible business impact.

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Impact Impact

Between the 1990s and 2010, there was a significant decline in new product innovation in company portfolios.



30% drop in new product lines


44% drop in new to the world products


15% drop in new

$1 Trillion Loss in Revenue

The decline equates to over a $500B loss in US annual innovation performance and even more in Europe. With perfomance struggles increasing, is there perhaps an incredible opportunity for those who get it right?

Innovation capability is critical because revenue growth is the top priority for CEOs, and product innovation has become the main engine growth for companies.


For Every $1 Spent on R&D


Bottom 25% deliver $3.30 of new revenue


Top 25% deliver $39 of new revenue

Top Innovators Drive 12X More Value

The top 25% of product innovators outperform the bottom quartile by 12 times. 12 times! The reason top performers win is that they have built an innovation operating system to drive innovation.

How difficult would it be to double your product innovation performance? Or total innovation?


Value • Quality • Speed

When we empower companies to transform innovation, we concentrate on the value, quality and speed of results. We first uncover the highest priority elements to gain momentum within the current constraints facing the business. We leverage results from the first transforms to fuel the next priorities thus creating a funding foundation towards continued innovation.

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Become a Top Innovator

Lean and Agile

Our Innovation Acceleration Team helps you drive Lean and Agile practices into your innovation endeavors while:

  • Integrating strategy with innovation to unleash tremendous untapped energy from your entire organization
  • Connecting innovation strategy with financial goals to increase business outcomes
  • Creating a responsive flow for ideas, initiatives, and innovations
Measuring innovation performance on a regular cadence to deliver results. Key to this is an aligned innovation strategy planning process, where measures are indicative of the strategic purpose and quantitative measures reflect a transforming organization.
Creating an innovation strategy that drives transformative financial results is the best approach to systemic long-term strategic growth and financial wellbeing. Alignment should be crafted between financial and innovation measures.