Why a clear Mission, Vision & Purpose drives aligned strategic innovation?

Having a clear set of strategic definitions for a company enables innovation objectives to be aligned to the purpose and attached to the mission of the firm. This alignment enables executives to clearly communicate the innovation strategy throughout the company and drive increased employee engagement.

Defining the Strategic Imperatives Defining the Strategic Imperatives


Your Purpose Statement is an inspirational, motivational, and transformative statement of what your organization aspires to do for someone else.


Your Vision Statement describes what your organization wishes to be like at some future time, establishing direction for your purpose. Fundamentally, your Vision sets your organization apart from any other with similar goals.


Your Mission Statement describes the business your organization is in, now and in the future. It explains how you will accomplish your Purpose and reach your Vision in a manner understood both internally and externally.

Our Strategic Imperatives Our Strategic Imperatives

Our Purpose:

Empower organizations to accelerate innovation performance

Our Vision:

A world where innovation is a business norm

Our Mission:

Create, produce and deliver Innovation as a Service

Revolutions follow the recognition of anomalies.

— Thomas S. Kuhn

Our Executive Team Our Executive Team

Kevin is a proven technology business leader and innovation visionary
Kevin Fallon
Kevin Fallon: CEO

Kevin Fallon has over 30 years of business experience beginning at General Electric and RCA, and subsequently as a founder of five technology ventures. In addition, as COO with two publicly traded corporations, Kevin has met a broad array of operational, financial and market challenges with innovation, foresight and action. An entrepreneurial leader, Kevin has experience in start-ups, acquisitions, expansions and roll ups.  Prior to launching Pivotal Innovation, Kevin was Managing Partner in an early stage accelerator. As CEO at Pelion Systems, he increased revenue by 700% in one year through acquisition and organic growth. As President of MX Logic (MXL), Kevin increased revenue by 900% in fifteen months. MXL sold to McAfee for $170M in 2009.  As COO of TAVA, Kevin created a new business line that increased shareholder value by 350% in 2½ years while increasing the market cap from $36 M to $198 M. Kevin holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University. He is an Inaugural Member of the Philadelphia 100 Hall of Fame for his inspirational model of entrepreneurship. He is an active member of the Young Presidents’ where he led the inaugural YPO Innovation Week innovatively impacting over 2,000 CEOs. In serving his community, he is on the Board of the Denver Business Series, a non-profit organization focused on education, career development and networking. 

Justin is a business process technologist and Lean / Agile guru
Justin Griep
Justin Griep: CTO
Justin Griep has over 20 years of experience leading and developing business software solutions across a broad range of industries. He has started and worked with multiple early-stage technology companies from inception to market success. Most recently, Justin was the Chief Technology Architect at DemandPoint where he led the development of enterprise software for demand-driven manufacturing and supply chain management. During this time, he became a leading expert in continuous improvement, including lean, six-sigma, agile, Toyota Production System, Theory of Constraints and Demand Flow Technology. Justin has developed software solutions for telemedicine, financial services, medical devices, business process productivity, multimedia content delivery, and online commerce websites. This software has been used by hundreds of thousands of users in companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Justin continues to lead the way in development by utilizing the latest cloud and mobile technologies.